Dreams in AI -
manifested in 3D.

From Midjourney to Spline...

I do not want to jump on the bandwagon of the heated debate, wether AI created images or content are the pure evil or divine fulfillment.

And little do I know if AI will take over your job, or someone using AI will take it - or neither of them.

I couldn´t even say which of the numerous AI powered tools might help you in your daily workflows...

But, all that I know is, that AI driven tools or co-created images and content speeded up my way of working a lot.

Well, to be fair, after slowing my productivity down times ten at the beginning because of spending countless hours lost in Midjourney, OpenAI or NightCafe Creator (just to name a few) generating myriads of images, spending the days and nights shaping and refining my prompts.

Afterwards, my initial euphoria gave way worth considerations, of how to add AI driven tools and tasks to my daily routines.

As for me, talking about Midjourney, Dall-E or *younameit co-created content, the discussion is not wether this is already unique or origin art that can stand on its own.

For my share, I see those outputs not as finished end results. It´s just another way of getting foundations or a base to abstract and start from, plugin it in into my toolchains and existing operating cycles.

As a concrete example, lets use images Midjourney returned to me in response to my prompts, as base. Concretely I wanted Midjourney to think of isometric rooms and room-designs. Hey Midjourney - what about:

"isometric clean vector art image of a child´s room, warm pastel colors, detailed isometric clean vector art"

A show poster for Kellar
A show poster for Kellar

Nice! Now lets take those as moods to abstract from and start modelling in 3D.

And why not killing two birds with one stone? I always wanted to test "Spline" for modelling ´something´. Perfect moment - let´s go!

As said, it´s not about sticking 1:1 to what Midjourney served you - it´s just a mood - there is all the room for turning left, turning right or doing something totally different.

I decided to mostly stick with the colour-concept, but take just some of the interiour shown in the moods, combine floor plans and extend it all with ideas that come meanwhile modelling it all.

So easy - Spline as sparring partner is very intuitive and you can move forward very fast.

Highly enjoyable whilst working in Spline is making use of its sculpting and mesh-deforming tools .

Having basic boolean mesh-operators is a great plus as well.

And, Spline offers a nice add-on to generate textures via AI too. This one I didn´t need for my current scene-modelling, but I will for sure test it in the future.

As the tool is upgrading and expanded whilst I´m writing here - I´d like to see more features being implemented or getting improved.

For example: I was hoping to export my modelled scene as gltf-file to use and enhance it with three.js afterwards - but that export feels not ready yet...

Or being able to write your own custom-shaders plugin ´em in Spline´s postprocessing pipeline would be an nice addition to my taste.

Nevertheless, even if the materials Spline offer differ very much from regular PBR workflow that I prefer, those material-system represented desired overall scene´s colouring most best.

And within a few hours modelling and playing with materials, you get sh_t done!

A photo of Kellar
A poster illustrating Kellar's "self-decapitation" illusion
A show poster of Kellar and 3 red devils
A poster of Kellar levitating a woman in a red dress

Feel free to test the interactive result here: